Homeless Night Shelter 

Believe it or not, even in this day and age, there are people sleeping rough on our streets and in our parks. There are one or two for whom this is a lifestyle choice, but the great majority are people who are down on their luck and who have fallen through the safety net of the benefits system.

What is the night shelter? 

Night Shelter Cardiff is run by a group of churches providing a warm place to eat and sleep for 3 winter months of the year for the homeless. Rhiwbina Baptist Church provides a team of volunteers who run a shelter once a week at Calvary Baptist Church, Cowbridge Road East. The shelter sees around 80 visitors most weeks and the shelter helps to facilitate access to permanent accommodation and other services including healthcare. For more information, please email Helen Phillips, helen@oysterhr.co.uk.



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How to be Involved

The NightShelter normally starts in the week before Christmas and runs until around the end of March, although this may vary depending on the weather. The Canton NightShelter is open on a Thursday night; it is staffed by volunteers and we really need your help. Volunteering doesn't mean having to help every week and certainly not all night, just when you are able to.

We run 3 shifts each night:
The evening shift starts at 6pm on a Thursday to set up. Other activities are cooking, serving, spending time with the guests, and so on, and runs through to 10pm

The night shift starts at 10pm and runs through to 7am. This is the easiest and quietest shift as the guests are in bed with the lights out, but it is the longest shift.. Because of its length many people volunteer to do a half shift

The morning shift  is from 7am to 9am. This is the shortest shift but it can be the busiest as breakfast needs cooked, guests encouraged to get out of bed, and the beds have to be put away, rooms hoovered, toilets and kitchen cleaned, etc.


Training for night shelter

To be people that serve and love the homeless in our city in the best way, we need to be prepared to learn the most effective and appropriate way to love them. To respect and treat people with dignity and to not patronise them. We need to be trained.

There are two sessions in December before the shelter starts:

Calvary Baptist church, Canton, on the 7th December at 7pm.
Rhiwbina Baptist church, on the 14th December at 7pm.


Please see information on training - 
If you can cook, make tea and coffee, chat with people to make them feel welcome or want to get involved in any other way - we would love to hear from you; please speak to Helen or Neil Phillips (neil-phillips@hotmail.co.uk or helenatoyster@gmail.com)